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Pastor Sandip Lal came to the United States from India in l968. During the next year he met and married his wife. They have one daughter. Pastor Sandip’s religious background was Indian Relegion. His mother's family had been involved in building Sikh temples, and his father's family had built Hindu temples. He and his father held very prominent positions in Nirankari.

However, he was searching for something that was missing in his life. That's when, in 1987, Pastor Sandip met the Lord Jesus Christ, who opened his eyes and his heart to the truth of salvation and the truth of the Lord Jesus. The Lord spoke to Pastor Sandip and told him to preach the gospel and pray for the people, but he said, "No, Lord. I cannot do it."

At a Church meeting three well-known evangelists prayed for Pastor Sandip, and all three evangelists, at the same time, using the same words, prophesied a healing ministry and a prophetic anointing on his life. Since that time, other men of God have prophesied this same ministry. A few years later, as Pastor Sandip was driving to work, the Lord audibly spoke to him and said, "Go and preach Jesus, and not a devil from hell can come and stand against you." This time his answer was yes. As a result of Pastor Sandip's obedience to the call from the Lord, he established Our House of Prayer where he is Senior Pastor. He has ministered all over the world, preaching the gospel and seeing thousands of people saved, healed, delivered and living their lives to the glory of God.

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